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 ZAST is dead, let's hope for any spark of life here.

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PostSubject: ZAST is dead, let's hope for any spark of life here.   Fri Jul 13, 2012 5:41 am

I, John Shunk, webmaster and founder or the Zombie Apocalypse Survival Team, regret to inform the non-existent users of this site that the group is dead. This is the only post on the forum from the year 2012. I almost wish that around this time was ZAST's peak, because I could probably maintain it successfully now. As anyone would be able to tell from any of my past posts, I used to talk very informally, and could have taken the group, the website, and the forum itself much, much more seriously. I've changed a lot since anyone, including myself, has actively used these forums. During the summertime, about 2 years ago, shortly after the group died down, I got into drugs. It was light use at first, but it escalated quite heavily. Only a few days ago, on Tuesday, July 10, I came home from rehab, and I've been sober since then, as I plan to be in the future. Nonetheless, I have matured a lot since ZAST was active, and it disappoints me that it could not have achieved a higher population and activity level. However, I would be willing to put forth an effort to revive the site, as long as there is still any spark of life left here. In saying that, I am led to my final statement. If any user who was active at any point, especially mods/admins, are interested in helping me revive the site, and happen to stumble across this, please contact me. The easiest way to contact me would be through Facebook, where you can find me here: http://www.facebook.com/john.shunk Do not hesitate to contact me there, just mention anything about ZAST.

Sincerely, and with hope left for ZAST,
John Shunk

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ZAST is dead, let's hope for any spark of life here.
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